zaterdag 10 augustus 2013

Time flies when you're having fun.


My vacation in the Czech Republic is slowly coming to an end: on Monday we will start our journey home! Not right away though: we'll spend the night in Stockholm on our way back. 

It's been quite a lovely 2 weeks. There's been some slight boredom, but most of my time here was filled with enjoyable activities and meeting family members that I didn't even know existed.

It'll be nice to be home too, though! I'll have more interesting things to post on here, too: a shop log (because I've bought tons of stuff here, oh gosh), a nailpolish post (haven't properly polished my nails since I came here..), and in no time there'll be some back to school things coming up, too.. Yay?

For now I'll leave you with a few pictures.

Bye for now, I'll be back soon!

xx Eva

zaterdag 3 augustus 2013


I am currently sat in a little house in a tiny village in the Czech Republic. We traveled to Prague first, and stayed there from Monday until Wednesday, and after that we went to visit family. We'll stay here for ten more days, and will then return to Sweden. 
It is lovely to see family for a while. It's a bit crazy too, though, at least 12 people around at any time! That's part of the experience I suppose. 
When we come back, I'll have some more free time, and on the 22nd of this month school will start again. Excited!!

xx Eva

woensdag 10 juli 2013


Friday was my last day of working at daycare! Since then I've slept over at a friend's twice, hung out with another friend once, and started playing League of Legends...! Went shopping too, bought a new calendar and reunited with my favorite perfume!

Today's my mother's birthday, we're going to celebrate by going to the musical Shrek with the whole family, should be fun.

Here's some photos to give a general idea of my past few days!

So glad I finally get to enjoy my vacation, and I'm doing so to the fullest!! Now, it's time to get up and take a look at the clothes that I ordered which just arrived, hehehe. Goodbye for now!

xx Eva

dinsdag 25 juni 2013


Yesterday was a long, long day.
My brother and I woke up at 6 AM to go for a run. Dedication, man.
Work from 8.30 -17.00, and hairdresser at 17.15. Turns out that 'Just the split ends, please.' means 15 cm (NOT EVEN KIDDING RIGHT NOW OKAY) in hairdresser language. Tears.
After this drama, I took the bus to the city where I hung out with my homie, drank cola at a badass bar, listened to music, laughed at birds, and ate icecream without spoons. I had the greatest time, honestly loved it!
casually waiting for the bus

Back home around 10.30 PM, time for bed right away because 6 AM run and 7.30 - 15.00 workday. Whew.

No impressive post, but I thought I'd post a little update anyway! Bye now.

xx Eva

zaterdag 22 juni 2013


As I have mentioned a while back, I have a job where I transcribe written scientific articles into spoken text. Every week, I am expected to finish at least ten such articles. This week, I've only done four... Therefore, this fairly dark and rainy day will be spent at my desk.
Oh well, money has to be made sometimes! Luckily my brother and I went on our run this morning (it may or may not become a routine..!) so I've gotten at least a bit of fresh air.

Well, break's over, back to work for me!

xx Eva

vrijdag 21 juni 2013

Happy summer solstice!

Ah, what a perfect day. Started it off by going for a run with my brother - which went better than expected so I'm proud! - and cleaning my room, which now looks great.
After this, I took the liberty of sitting in the sun with a book and a half-written letter. When this got boring, I decided to polish my nails!

Currently waiting for them to dry so that I can get a popsicle from the fridge. 
I've run out of semi-interesting things to say, so that'll be all for now.

Have a good summer solstice!

xx Eva

donderdag 20 juni 2013


Oh my, what a busy time I've had so far this summerbreak. Monday I started my summer job at a daycare center. Turns out little kids love me, and I'm not particularly a fan of theirs.
The job is SO BORING. All I do all day is play with the kids, and when that's not an option I just awkwardly sit and watch them play, as I am not allowed to use my phone or anything (I got yelled at, one of my very first days, it was an unpleasant experience)...
Things that do make it worth it, however, are having some cute kid falling asleep on you, being taken somewhere with a child hanging on to your thumb for dear life, and having little boys crushing on you (look at the little bouquet I received!)
Doesn't that just make you melt?
Besides daycare I've had a lovely time. The weather is really nice, and I have talked to my friends a lot. Nothing superspecial quite yet this summer, but I've got the feeling that interesting things are about to happen!

Tomorrow I've got the day off from work because in Sweden the summer solstice is celebrated nationally. I'm hoping to find something to do tomorrow, but we'll see! One thing that will happen, is that me and my brother are going for a run in the morning. That should be interesting, seeing how I have no stamina whatsoever...

Well, I'm off doing useful stuff now. Hopefully my summer will continue the way it is right now (minus the boring job part, that is), and may yours be even better.

xx Eva

vrijdag 14 juni 2013


Hello lovelies!

I finally have my last day of school behind me. Spent the morning feeling awkward with my friends Danny & William because we were the only three dressed up for the occasion (as in: full suits for them & a dress for me) so we stuck together as the three musketeers! After some lousy entertainment, we went to our mentor groups and had some final words (and pictures!), and then it was finally time to go home! I didn't cry, felt accomplished.

After taking the bus home, I walked a long way in order to be at my little brother's graduation, proud of the guy! 

Was going to a party later, but was honestly too tired for anything such, plus the weather was terrible. Then my friend invited me to sleep over, and I'm currently sat writing this (via my phone, oo) while him and his brother are playing fifa, after we shot some stuff with an airthing. 

Crazy to think that this schoolyear is officially over! No more school until the 22th of August now.

Hope you're also having a great Friday! 

xx Eva

donderdag 13 juni 2013

Who I am now.


I just found my blog again, and feel very much ashamed for abandoning it.
A lot has changed in the past 1.5 year, so it might be of use for me to introduce myself again.

My name is Eva, I am 17 years old and I (still) live in Sweden. Tomorrow I will have finished the first out of my three years of studying the IB (International Baccalaureate) Programme, and that will give me time for the other important things in my life: I namely have a job, and a new hobby!

I work for Shawn Maloney, a vision researcher, as a linguistic transcriber - that is what I call my job at least, hopefully that is the right term - where my job is to read research papers out loud and record them, in order for them to be listened to and thereby help the research.
My new hobby is playing the drums! I've wanted to play for a long time, and about 2 months ago I finally got started. So far I have only had 6 classes, and because of summerbreak I won't have any more classes until the end of August, but it's been a great experience so far! I even started playing in a band.. Our singer cannot sing, out guitarist can't really play the guitar, and as I said I've only just started playing the drums... Luckily our base player is awesome. It's a fun thing to be part of, even if we're not quite good (or even acceptable) yet!

Some oher things that have happened since I last posted on my blog, are that my boyfriend and I broke up, I had a new relationship that didn't last long, and after that there's been a few dates here and there, but nothing notorious. I did, however, meet tons of new people, and I have made a lot of new friends whom I love! I now have a clearer view of what the coming years of my life might look like, which is a very nice feeling.
I feel like I have grown a lot as a person since 2012, and I am grateful for all the opportunities I have had (and taken!). A lot of positive things have come my way, and I enjoy life a lot more now that I used to.

There also are some things that have not changed, though. I still very much enjoy polishing my nails, I wear thick eyeliner as always, and I still have the same awkward sense of humor. Danai and I still religiously send each other letters every month, and even though I have only seen her twice since I've moved, we are close as ever!

Now I believe it is time to share a few pictures to give you an idea of what my life is currently like.

Some of my more recent creations.


...and the people making the work bearable!
My dogs, a lot bigger but cute as ever.
Isn't it gorgeous?

And finally, two pictures of me.

Well, I believe these are the most important things that I want to share with you today. I'm hoping to remember to update my blog more frequently from now on, as a type of memoir I'd say.

Hopefully you've enjoyed this post to some extent! Have a lovely day.

xx Eva

zondag 19 februari 2012

OPI Ski Teal We Drop

I was going through my blog the other day, and then I noticed something. I have never written an article on the nailpolish that I used most: my beautiful Ski Teal We Drop! I decided to do something about this.

Of course it's hard to show the color on picture, but it is a lovely teal.
The polish is of amazing quality - of course, it's OPI after all - and it's nearly opaque after the first layer. The brush is broad yet precise, just the way I like it.

I've had it for more than a year, and the pasts months I've used it frequently: I'd say it's my default nailpolish, always a good choice.
I bought it for €15 at Sephora in Den Bosch, Holland.

Although I've used the polish quite a lot, it's still nearly full. However, if I ever get to the bottom, I just might buy another bottle. Love it!

This post is written via the Blogger app I wrote about earlier, so I hope it turns out allright.
Have a great day!

xx Eva